Schnauzers come in 3 sizes



Schnauzers come in 3  Sizes:

Even though Schnauzers come in 6 different sizes, only 3 are recognized by AKC. You can register Giants, Standard and Miniatures with AKC but the toy schnauzers, teacup schnauzers and micro teacup schnauzer sizes are still considered a “miniature schnauzer” 

  1. Giant Schnauzers (23½ to 27½ inches tall)
  2. Standard Schnauzers (17½ to 19½ inches tall)
  3. Miniature Schnauzers (12 to 14 inches tall)

     Toy, Teacup and Micro-Tcup Schnauzers ( anything up to 11 inches tall) are still considered and registered as “miniature schnauzers.” 


FAQ’s Regarding Schnauzer Sizes: (click each link below to learn more…)

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