Teacup Schnauzer Puppies

Black Teacup Puppy In A Cup

Teacup Schnauzer puppies

Although teacup schnauzer puppies are adorable and sweet creatures, many people do not realize that they are not a suitable size for everyone’s lifestyle. It is important that you make sure you understand the extra attention and care that they require in order to remain healthy.  Depending on how tiny you get, some teacup schnauzer puppies will not be able to climb the stairs by themselves or jump onto a bed, so if you place your puppy on the couch, you would have to keep a close eye on them constantly to ensure that they do not accidentally fall off and injure themselves. Many teacup owners purchase pet stairs or ramps to help with this issue.


Just like any other puppy, teacup puppies should not be allowed to run around the entire house having fun when no one is around to watch them. You should always confine your new puppy to a small playpen when you can’t spend time with them. Make sure you keep your teacup puppy in a warm environment. A good way to tell if your chilling your puppy would be for you to walk around the house barefoot and if your feet feel cold or cool at all then your teacup puppy is definitely too cold which can give them runny eyes and stuffed up or runny nose and or sneezing which can turn into an upper respiratory  infection. Make sure you put their beds, bedding, crates, x-pens in the warmest rooms in the house and not next to air conditioning vents that will blow on them. Every teacup owner should have at least 1-2 heated beds in the main rooms of their homes for their puppy to nestle down into. We recommended the cozy thermo cat heated beds over the flat dog heated mats. Here is a photo of a cat heated bed that is by far a favorite among teacup puppies.


Teacup puppies are not very suitable for households with young children, toddlers or babies. You should put a bell on your teacup puppies collar or harness to lessen the chances of them getting stepped on while under foot.