Why Spay and Neuter


What is Spaying?
a surgery to remove the ovaries & uterus on female animals

What is Neutering?

 a surgery to remove the testicles on male animals

What Does the words  (Unaltered)  &  (Intact) Mean?

 both those words basically mean the  animal is NOT spayed or neutered.  So if someone says they have an “intact male” or an ‘unaltered female” they are letting you know the dog has NOT  been spayed | neutered.

What Does the Word “Fixed” Mean?

 the word fixed is referring to IF the animal has been spayed and neutered. Example: if someone says their dogs IS fixed ~ then that means their dog  has been spayed | neutered. If they say their dog is NOT fixed – that means it has Not been spayed | neutered.


Why Spay & Neuter?

Did You Know That Spaying & Neutering Has Amazing Benefits!


Prolongs Life Expectancy (that’s enough to do it right there!!)
Less Risk for Early Health Issues

Makes Training ALOT Easier
Actually Improves Personality
Helps Reduce Overpopulation
Saves Lives
and much more….!!!



Studies Have Proven that Pets who are NOT Spayed & Neutered
tend to manifest (1) or more of the following…. 


aggressive traits: such as nipping or biting children
Yes, its true. Most dog bites are from unaltered pets

food possessive
toy possessive
people possessive
dominance issues
destructive tendencies
howling and heavier barking habits
Higher Risk for Health issues
mammary gland tumors
ovarian cancer
uterine cancer
testicular cancer
prostate disease
climbing over fences
lifting their leg to pee on everything. also known as staking|marking their territory. Yes, female dogs do this as well.
wandering off, harder to keep on property


Did You Know that the majority of stray animals that are found homeless on the streets are NOT spayed & neutered. Unaltered stray animals get other animals pregnant causing unwanted litters. You would not believe how many innocent puppies are killed at shelters due to unplanned & unwanted litters

Dogs that are NOT spayed & neutered tend to go around humping | mounting things (even peoples legs) instead of  just hanging out & playing like the dogs that ARE spayed & neutered.

The reality of life has proven time & time again ~ unaltered pets are just instinctively driven by those hormones. Dogs that ARE NOT spayed & neutered tend to act more like “pack” animals where dogs that ARE spayed | neutered tend to act more like domestic family pets. So yes, there is a HUGE difference in an unaltered dog and an altered dog.


Dogs in KILL Shelters

Did You Know: that the majority of dogs that end up in kill shelters & rescue groups are pets that are NOT spayed & neutered!!! As we have discussed above, unaltered dogs tend to escape, run off and are driven to roam. This is also one of the main reasons dogs are hit & killed by cars.  To make it even more sad, families that don’t spay & neuter their pets often become overwhelmed trying to deal with the “issues” that arise when owning an unaltered pet, especially if they own more then one. As a  puppy the family won’t really notice much since the puppy isn’t fully developed. (just like a human baby or child)  But once their dog gets older and into their adult years that is when the dog can really start manifesting various “issues.” Too many families get frustrated and sell their dog, give it away, surrender it to a rescue group or turn it over to a kill shelter. If only they would have spayed & neutered their dog it would have saved them (and the puppy) alot of heartbreak. Professional & Responsible breeders are set up, prepared, educated, familiar and comfortable handling such matters, but your typical “pet homes” just aren’t and Sadly, NOT all breeders are either. There are countless irresponsible & unethical breeders who want to breed but don’t want to “deal” with the issues of owning multiple “breeding dogs” so their solution is to just kennel them, cage them, make them live in cage banks their entire life, chain them up, put them in rabbit cages, stack cages on top of each other all along the walls, or confine them into an isolated area of some sort. So please talk to your vet and research the importance of spaying & neutering. If you do want to become a breeder, do so with a loving and caring heart. It’s so important to Breed Responsibly and allow your breeding dogs to have a quality of life.


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