Great with Other Pets


Are Schnauzers Good with Other Dogs?

Yes, Schnauzers (as a general rule) are great with other pets because their basic nature is to connect, be social, involved, interactive and therefore make a wonderful companion. Schnauzers are an athletic, sporty, playful and affectionate breed and find great reward out of being another dogs best friend.


Are Schnauzers Good with Cats? 
Yes,  Schnauzers (as a general rule) are great with other pet cats, if they have been raised with them since they were a puppy. If the Schnauzer is an adult and has never been around cats or kittens then it could go either way. We raise all our puppies around cats. 


Are Schnauzers Good with Critters?

Schnauzers are a terrier breed which means they will have a natural instinct to go after and hunt vermin. Pets like hamsters, gerbils,  guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, chinchillas, mice, rats, snakes, chickens, ducks etc…. are at risk to own around a Schnauzer.  The Schnauzers natural drive to hunt down and chase these types of animals so they could easily kill the critters by accident. Schnauzers might not want to go after and kill them intentionally but would play too rough with them by grabbing them with their mouth and shaking them like a toy which would unintentionally kill the critter.