Micro Teacup Schnauzer Puppies



Micro Teacup Schnauzer Puppies

A “micro teacup” schnauzer is not a new breed of puppy, but a term that is used by breeders to describe an extra petite size. Because there is no set standard, breeders will have different opinions on the weight and height of what they consider a micro teacup schnauzer. The most important thing to consider is that your puppy is happy, healthy and that you know how to properly take care of this delicate size since they have very specific needs and require a certain type of lifestyle to flourish.


Are Micro-Teacup Schnauzers Healthy

Some people believe that because micro teacup breeds are so tiny, there must be something wrong with their health, but this is absolutely not the case. Many micro teacup sized puppies are perfectly healthy, however because of their delicate nature, it is important to recognize that their immune systems may not be as robust as larger puppies, as they develop and mature a lot slower. As micro teacup puppies grow older, their immune systems will continue to grow stronger, and although hypoglycemia is an issue in some cases, it can be avoided if you know to properly care for your micro teacup size puppy. Because of their extremely tiny size, they are like infant babies and illness can take them deplete them and take them down real fast. So when they do get sick you need  to take them to the vets right away for proper treatment and should NEVER wait a few days to see if the illness will just pass on it’s own. The average lifespan of a micro teacup puppy can range anywhere between 10-15 years as long as you are providing them with the care they need. 


Families Should NOT Own a Micro-Teacup Puppy If:

* Work a lot

* Gone long hours

* Have toddlers and/or babies (older children are fine)

* Are not willing to purchase the home essentials for a micro teacup puppy to flourish in.

* Are home but don’t have a lot of time or desire to actually spend with the puppy. (this is not a size for someone that wants a cute but “independent” pet running around the home. micro teacups thrive on human companionship and are the happiest when they are following you around every where being your best friend.) 

* Have NEVER owned a teacup OR a micro-teacup puppy before ( micro-teacups are NOT really a size for 1st time owners. We recommended you start off with a “teacup puppy” to get some experience with these tinier sizes before you purchase a “micro-teacup puppy”

* Can’t afford a high quality food (the food you decide to feed will make a huge difference in the quality of life and health of the micro teacup puppy. cheap low-end food might be easy on the budget but it can definitely create a lot of  hypoglycemia issues in the puppy as well as really put the micro teacup puppies health in jeopardy and even shorten their lifespan.)


Families that ARE Best Suitable for micro-teacup pups

* Have a lot of time and want to/enjoy  care for a puppy (they are like caring for newborn babies)

* Home a lot or can take the puppy with them when they leave

* Will NOT leave the puppy more then 3-4 hours alone at a time

* Are looking for a strong companion pet for themselves

* Want a pet that will follow them around everywhere and always want to be near them or in the same room as them

* can financially afford to put the puppy on a high quality diet and excellent medical care (micro-teacup puppies will need to see the vet more often then a larger size puppy because when they are sick you can’t “wait it out” to see if they get better on their own. You must take them in right away when you first notice symptoms so that you’re always on top of their health. It doesn’t take much to take down a micro-teacup size and they can die within a day. So you must take their medical care seriously.