Easy 3-Step Purchase Process 


 Adopting a new member to the family is a lot of fun!  We want you to relax, enjoy your experience and just have a blast getting ready to welcome your new “fur-baby” home!  



Contact Us  

Give us a call (801) 623-8555 OR email us (spoiledrottenschnauzers@yahoo.com) so we can answer your questions personally. Just so you know, we are more than happy to communicate with you via email but we are not comfortable accepting any deposits or money until we have actually spoken with you over the phone. It’s really important to us that we talk to you directly about the puppy your interest in purchasing so we can make sure your adopting your “dream baby!”



Deposit & Paperwork

After we have talked to you over the phone, we will email you the puppy’s 5 year health guarantee. Complete the form and mail it along with a Cashier’s Check. Make sure you get a tracking number from the Post Office so that everyone is protected and the money is traceable. Email us the tracking number as soon as you get home from the post office and we will mark the puppy “Sold” to you! Yeah! Once we receive your deposit and paperwork we will email you to confirm that it has arrived. Puppies will continue to be available to the public to buy (we no longer “hold” them) until we receive your tracking number. You can give us a call the day your going to send your deposit so that no one else can purchase it while you get everything together.

Shipping or Pick Up


Ship To You  

We will email you our shipping form, just complete it and then we will take care of all the details!  All you need to do is show up to the airport with your drivers license and pick up the schnauzer puppy! Nothing to worry about. It’s very safe and we would be happy to talk to you more about it over the phone to ease your mind. We also encourage you to read our “Shipping FAQ’s” page which will answer a lot of your questions.


Come Pick Up – 

Your welcome to fly into Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah. We will meet you by the baggage claim, hand you the puppy and it’s belongings then you can hop on the next plane home. We have been doing this for over a 15 years and have never had a problem. It’s always a smooth process.



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