Schnauzer Bumps


Schnauzer Bumps
(also known as Schnauzer Comedone Syndrome)


What are Schnauzer Bumps?
Schnauzer bumps are common in the breed. Matter of fact, it’s probably one of the most reported “health problems” in schnauzers. Schnauzer bumps are usually located on the back of the dog. There is no cure and the dog will most likely have them off and on their entire life. Schnauzer bumps usually don’t cause any problems unless they become infected, then they become really itchy. You can tell if they become infected because they will have deep pus and even abscesses. If they get like this, you will need to see your vet so they can put your pet on some antibiotic.


What Does the Word “Comedone” Mean?
Schnauzer bumps are also called: Schnauzer Comedone Syndrome “Comedone” is just a fancy word for a (dogs version) of black heads.


Are Schnauzer Bumps Hereditary?
This is quite controversial. Some studies say yes is it hereditary, while other studies say it’s not. So it will depend on who you ask. But for now, schnauzer bumps are not actually “proven” to be a hereditary issue just a common issue in the schnauzer breed.


How Can I Keep Schnauzer Bumps Under Control?
The following are some tips that might help:

Sometimes they can be triggered by allergies. So try changing the food & stay away from diets that contain corn, beef & fish since those are known to aggravate allergies. Flea’s also aggravate allergies, so if you have a “flea issue” in your pet, you should address that with your vet.

You can use dandruff shampoo’s like Selsun Blue. You might want to check with your vet since they usually have special shampoo’s available as well. You want to find shampoo’s that are as natural as possible (free from soaps, artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals) and that are made to breakdown the skin oils that are known to plug up the follicles.

 I also know that different types of astringents can dry up the bumps.I have heard that the benzoyl peroxide shampoo or gel about 2 times week can help. Maybe dab some salicylic acid, sulfur, tar pin tarsol, or even just a gentler approach like rubbing alcohol. As your vet which one might work best on your particular pet.

 Keep your schnauzer in a stripped coat or a very short clip. This allows sunshine & air to get to the skin. It also helps keep your dog (overall cleaner) since they aren’t getting dirt, leaves, twigs, oils etc…..catch & even matted in their hair against the skin.

  A good vitamin E, Zinc, vitamin A and omega oils are great for skin issues.

There is a medicine called Accutane RX that is expensive, but alot of families have seen good results with it.

Let your schnauzer “bask in the sunshine” for alittle while during the day. Do not make your schnauzer an “outside dog” but if you give them some time in the sun here & there ~  that can help dry up schnauzer bumps which is why you usually see less of them during the summer months.


Disclaimer: We Are NOT Licensed Vets.  DO NOT try to diagnose or treat animals based off this or any other information you find on the Internet.  This page is just BASIC INFORMATION  to help bring awareness to the different health issues that are common in animals.  If your pet is having any kind of medical issue, please seek PROPER professional treatment from a licensed vet who is trained and set up to handle such matters.