More about Tiddles… 

Both parents are only 8 pounds. He will look alot like his mom full grown. OMGooosshh, ths is a GORGEOUS litter!!! You will not regret making Tiddles apart of your family. He’s one awesome pup!  More info to come as he gets older.   
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The Mom – Zuri

Liver & Tan
Toy Size – only 8 pounds. 

104 zuri



The Dad – Guygi

Chocolate Merle
Toy size – 8 pounds

guygi main


 What Is Included in the Price? 

Guaranteed to Arrive Healthy! Guaranteed to be free of Cocciddia! Guaranteed to be free of Giardia! Guaranteed to be free of Worms! Guaranteed to be free of Ear Mites! Guaranteed to be free of Ear Infections! Guaranteed to be free of Skin Infections! Guaranteed against Life-Threatening Genetic Disorders! FREE Sample of Nu-Vet Vitamins! Vet Checked with Health Certificate, Dewclaws Removed & Tail Docked, Professional Groomed, Dewormed Every 2 Weeks, Current on All Puppy Vaccines,  Health Guarantee (up-to 5 years!), All of our toy and teacup schnauzer puppies are started on Excellent Potty Training Habits at a Young Age to make Finishing Training Easier. Peace of Mind knowing that your toy and teacup schnauzer puppy has been raised INSIDE our home and treated as part of the family which WILL show AS PROOF  in their health, temperament  personality training and overall socialization. Our schnauzer puppies are very comfortable in a home setting with day-to-day activities, noises, traffic and family routines.