Split Faced!!!

Alittle About Split Faced… 

Birthday: Aug 1, 2016
Ready to go After Sept 26, 2016

Color: Black and White Parti with Split Face!! (very rare puppy!!) 
Gender: Boy
Mom is only 7 pounds. Dad is a 4 pounds. This litter has AMAZING ultra soft lush supercoated hair and the hard to find round “teddy bear” faces!! Talk about INCREDIBLE!!!  Without a doubt it would be almost impossible to find another puppy like him! We have been breeding for over 10 years and this is the first one we have seen that has such a perfectly splited face with the black and white!! Talk about a show-stopper. he is mega flashy with his stunning color contrast and will turn heads his entire life!
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split-faced-201 split-faced-200 split-faced-202 split-faced-203


The MOM – Buttons (also known as our “lil pumpkin”) 

Buttons is only 7 pounds and is jet black. 

Buttons (Adult)


The Dad – Pee Wee

Pee Wee is a tiny 4 pound phantom black and silver 

pee wee 1


What Is Included in the Price? 

Guaranteed to Arrive Healthy! Guaranteed to be free of Cocciddia! Guaranteed to be free of Giardia! Guaranteed to be free of Worms! Guaranteed to be free of Ear Mites! Guaranteed to be free of Ear Infections! Guaranteed to be free of Skin Infections! Guaranteed against Life-Threatening Genetic Disorders! Vet Checked with Health Certificate, Dewclaws Removed and Tail Docked, Dewormed Every 2 Weeks, Current on All Puppy Vaccines,  Health Guarantee (up-to 5 years!), All of our toy and teacup schnauzer puppies are started on Excellent Potty Training Habits at a Young Age to make Finishing Training Easier. Peace of Mind knowing that your toy and teacup schnauzer puppy has been raised INSIDE our home and treated as part of the family which WILL show AS PROOF  in their health, temperament  personality training and overall socialization. Our schnauzer puppies are very comfortable in a home setting with day-to-day activities, noises, traffic and family routines.