White Chocolate Schnauzers




Wbite Chocolate Schnauzers

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Question: Can You Register White Chocolate Schnauzers with AKC?
Answer: Yes, of course. White Chocolates Schnauzers are purebreds.Their Registration Color Code is: 199 ~ you do  need to send pictures to AKC when you register.


Question: What Are White Chocolate Schnauzers?
Answer: White Chocolate Schnauzers are born solid white it’s acceptable for them to have a slight cream tone throughout their hair and even down their spine. Sometimes this cream color tone will lighten as they age and become  white while other times they maintain a slight cream color throughout their entire life. Their skin tone is usually has a light pinkish hue. They have brown OR green eyes, chocolate pads and a chocolate nose.


Question: Traditional White (vs) White Chocolates?
Answer: Even though they both have white hair, when you put them side by side they actually look quite a bit different. The traditional whites have black eyes, black nose, black pads and their skin has a darker hue to it. Where they white chocolates have brown or green eyes, brown nose, brown pads and a pink hue to their skin. Here is a photo of a traditional white laying next to a white chocolate so you can visually compare.

Winter (Adult)sugar_cookie_1


Newborn White Chocolate Schnauzer Puppies. 

You have to wait a few days before the chocolate color will come in on their nose and pads but see how pink their skin-tone is. This white chocolate schnauzer puppy has no cream tone within it’s hair, however, that may or may not change as it gets older.

Sugar (Newborn)Sugar (Newborn)Sugar (Newborn)Sugar (Newborn)



2 week old White Chocolate Schnauzer Puppies

sugar_cookie_11sugar_cookie_12sugar_cookie_14sugar_cookie_15Sugar (2weeks)Sugar (2weeks)Sugar (2weeks)



Photos of White Chocolate Schnauzers at Various Ages…

white chocolate_white chocolate_popcornwhite chocolate_popcornwhite chocolate_izusawhite chocolate_biddy_boowhite chocolate_azriawhite chocolate_marshmellowwhite chocolatewhite_chocolate_popcornsugar_cookie_4Sugar (14 weeks)42_coconut1_coconut1_skibo



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