White Chocolate vs White Schnauzers


Winter (Adult)sugar_cookie_1
White Schnauzer (right image) White Chocolate Schnauzer (left image)


White Schnauzer Pictures (vs) White Chocolate Schnauzer Pictures
Even though they both have white hair, as you can see in the images above when you put a white schnauzer side by side next to a white chocolate schnauzer they actually look quite a bit different. You can see from the white schnauzer picture they have black eyes, black nose, black pads and their skin has a darker hue to it. Where the white chocolate schnauzer picture shows them having brown or green eyes, brown nose, brown pads and a pink hue to their skin.


Difference in their Skin Tone 

It’s hard to show an example of the skin tone because their body is covered in hair. However, we will be using their ears to show you their skin-tone because when white schnauzers and white chocolate schnauzers are just born they are naked on their ears which makes it easy to see their skin-tone. The color you see on their ears  is the color their entire skin-tone body will become. Take a look at the 2 comparison photos below to give you a visual idea.


Here are some side by side picture comparisons 

White Schnauzer Puppies (right image) vs White Schnauzer Puppies (left image) 

white_adelina(vs) white chocolate_azria

white_aruna(vs) white chocolate_popcorn

white_adelina(vs)111 skibo



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