Salt and Pepper Schnauzers vs Liver Pepper Schnauzers




Salt and Pepper Schnauzers (vs) Liver Pepper Schnauzers

These 2 colors can be very difficult to tell apart at birth because they both can be born the color of a brown paper bag with banded hairs. They also each have dark ears and a thick dark strip down their back with black hairs all throughout their coat. Now while the salt and pepper strip is black and the liver pepper strip is chocolate, you would be surprised at how difficult it can be to tell that at birth sometimes. For those that aren’t familiar with these colors, liver peppers are just the  “chocolate version” of a salt and pepper which is why they are so similar. However, even though it might be confusing to tell them apart at birth, as they age, their differences become obvious because the salt and pepper schnauzers brownish hair will start to grow out and the new hair coming in will be silver where the liver pepper schnauzers will stay in the brown / cream / chocolate colors but just lighten. Because they both vary in shade, sometimes it’s easy to tell them apart at birth but a lot of times they are so similar it can be tough. 


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 Videos of Salt & Peppers (vs) Liver Peppers


You can see how similar they are…


All liver peppers have 3 shades of chocolate on each piece of hair but keep in mind, liver pepper schnauzers vary in their shade from light chocolate to dark chocolate so not all liver peppers will look exactly the same. 


Salt and peppers vary in their shade from a light silver to a dark silver and all shades in-between.



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