Liver and Tan Schnauzers





Newborn Liver & Tan  – 8 Week old Liver & Tan

Liver and tan schnauzers are born with brown /chocolate bodies and cream / tan markings on their eyebrows, muzzle, chest, legs, inside the ears and under the tail. These markings will lighten as adults. 

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Can You Register a Liver and Tan Schnauzer with AKC?
Yes, of course.  Liver and tan schnauzers are purebreds.
The AKC Registration Color Code is : 124   and you do need to send pictures to AKC when you register them. Contact AKC for more detail.


What are Liver and Tan Schnauzers?
First off, for those that don’t know, the word “liver’ and the word “chocolate” are the exact same thing. So yes, liver means chocolate or vis versa. Liver and tan schnauzers  have solid brown / chocolate bodies with cream / tan marking that will turn into a light cream / tan or even white as an adult. These cream / tan or white markings are on the: eyebrows, muzzle, inside the ears, across the chest, feet and underneath the tail. Liver and tan schnauzers are basically a “chocolate version” of a black and silver schnauzer. They will vary in shades which means some will be a darker chocolate color then others so they will not all look exactly the same as adults. Liver and tan schnauzers will have brown or green eyes. Chocolate nose and chocolate pads. It can be common for them to get white hairs that grow up next to their chocolate hairs which create a lighter colored looking chocolate. 


What Do You Mean They Can Have White Hairs?
Sometimes liver and tan schnauzers can get white hairs that grow up next to the chocolate hairs. This can happen when they are puppies but it is more common for it to start showing up when they are an adult. It is impossible for the breeder to know which puppies will do this unless the puppy is already starting to have the white hairs at the breeders.  Liver and tan schnauzers that end up having the white hairs intermixed with their chocolate hairs will always end up a lighter shade of chocolate as adults then the liver and tans that don’t get them. Neither one is better or prettier. Both are popular as it’s completely a cosmetic appeal and personal preference as to which you prefer. 

 Example photos of a liver an tan schnauzer adult that DOES have the white hairs along side of the chocolate hairs. 




Example photo of a liver and tan that DOES NOT have the white hairs that grow up along side the chocolate hairs. 


PAST Liver & Tan Puppies



Video of a Liver and Tan Puppy Playing!



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