Chocolate, Liver Pepper and Liver Tan Schnauzers




Liver Peppers, Liver Tan and Liver Schnauzers ALL HAVE:

  • Brown or Green Eyes
  • Chocolate Nose
  • Chocolate Pads
  • Chocolate Colored Hair
  • and a variety of shades (darker and lighter)


So what is the difference…

Liver Peppers are born with banded hairs. If you aren’t familiar with banded hairs, this just means that each piece of hair has 3 different shades on it. So basically, liver peppers have 3 shades of brown/chocolate on each piece of hair. Basically liver peppers are a “chocolate version” of a salt and pepper schnauzer.

liver pepper champangeliver pepper champange


Chocolate (liver) Schnauzers are born with NO banding but instead solid chocolate hair. This means each piece of hair is all the same with only 1 shade of brown/chocolate from top to bottom. Basically liver schnauzers are a “chocolate version” of a solid black schnauzer. 

.mozika chocolate boychocolate



Liver & Tan Schnauzers
are born with solid chocolate bodies and have tan markings (that turn cream/ tan or even white) above their eyebrows, on their cheeks, across the chest, down the feet, under the tail and inside the ears. Basically a liver and tan is a “chocolate version” of a black and silver schnauzer. 

liver tanliver tan


What is Banded Hair?

Banded hair is when they have 3 shades of color instead of just each piece of hair being one solid color. Here is a photo to show you up close the difference in banded hair and non-banded hair. Keep in mind that they will each vary in shade, so this comparison photo is just one example.  

liver pepper adultliver pepper adult


NOT a chocolate schnauzer (below) – it’s a liver pepper!!

Liver Peppers can (not always) look like “chocolates” in disguise.  So many times people buy a puppy posted as a “chocolate” when in reality it’s just a very dark “liver pepper” which will drastically lighten as an adult.  If your unsure about the puppies color, keep checking behind it’s ears. If it’s a really dark liver pepper, one of the first things you might notice is that they start getting a lighter color showing up (especially when you groom them) around the ears. True chocolates do NOT get a lighter color behind their ears or anywhere else on their body.



Here is another tricky liver pepper schnauzer. Alot of breeders have mistakenly sold puppies like this as “chocolate schnauzers” but it’s actually a liver pepper schnauzer. If you look close you can see it’s banded hairs. The 2nd liver pepper schnauzer in this photo has obvious banded hairs so as you can see, they vary alot.



Now here are some examples of how a liver & tan (vs) a liver pepper can get confusing. Just remember, if you look closely at the hair, you can see that the liver pepper has banded hair and the liver & tan does not.

liver-pepper-two-weeks-liver-tanliver-pepper-liver-tan-greatliver pepper vs liver and tanliver pepper vs liver and tan liver-pepper-side-compareliver-pepper-compare-backliver-pepper-comparee



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