Black & Silver Schnauzers





Newborn Black & Silver  – Adult Black & Silver

Black and silver schnauzers are born with bronze looking markings on their eyebrows, muzzle, chest, legs, inside the ears and under the tail which will all turn white as an adult.

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 FAQ Regarding Black and Silver Schnauzers


Can You Register a Black and Silver Schnauzer with AKC?
Yes, of course.  Black and silver schnauzers are purebreds.
The AKC Registration color code is: 016 and you do not need to send pictures to AKC when you register them. 


What are Black and Silver Schnauzers?
Black and silver schnauzers  have solid black bodies with dirty bronze looking marking on their: eyebrows, muzzle, inside the ears, across the chest, feet and underneath the tail. These dirty bronze markings will turn into a silvery white by the time they are an adult.  Some are born with a thicker/wider strip of dirty bronze where others might have only a thin strip of dirty bronze. The bronze color can actually be so dark and dirty that the puppy appears to be a solid black at birth but that doesn’t matter because it will all turn white. The more dirty bronze the puppy has, the more white it will have as an adult. The important thing to remember about this color is that what they look like at birth or even 8 weeks old will NOT be what the look like as an adult. Last but not least, each puppy is different on how long it takes for their dirty bronze markings to turn white.  Try not to judge one puppy (who might have a lot of noticeable white right away to another puppy who’s dirty bronze markings are taking longer to get white.)


EXAMPLES of How This Color Changes With Time….


Zayden as a Newborn then a again at 8 weeks

As you can see, Zayden looks almost like a solid black schnauzer at birth but he is NOT a solid black. If you look really close at his newborn photo you can see he has very dark & dirty bronze markings. As you can see, by 8 weeks those very dark dirty bronze markings are already starting to turn white. He will continue to get whiter and whiter as he ages. By the time he is an adult ALL his markings will be a bright silvery white!  



Cason as a Newborn then again at 8 weeks

Wow, isn’t this transformation incredible! Can you see how all that dirty bronze color he had as a newborn is now turning white. This color is truly a remarkable classic and all time favorite. 

black and silver_casoncason


Brin as a newborn then again at 8 weeks

black and silver_brinbrin

All 4 of these pictures below ARE the SAME puppy. Here is a perfect example of a black and silver newborn that LOOKS like it’s a solid black but it’s NOT.  You can see in the 3 week photo all that dirty bronze color has come in. Then in the 8 week photo you can see how the bronze is starting to lighten up and go white. Then in the last photo where she is a young adult you can see her markings are almost all white now and that dirty bronze is nearly gone. Give her another few months and her entire muzzle will be all white like her chest and eyebrows.



Video of PAST Black & Silver Puppies