Black and Silver Parti Schnauzers



BLACK & SILVER PARTI NEWBORN (above)  – you can see the bronze coloring on his eyebrows, and cheeks. 


BLACK & WHITE PARTI NEWBORN (below) – you can see there is NO bronze coloring. Only black and white. 


Can You Register a Black and Silver Parti Schnauzer with AKC?
Yes, of course.  Black and silver parti schnauzers are purebreds.
The AKC Registration Color Code for all parti colors is: 023 and you do need to send pictures when registering them. Contact AKC directly for more info. 


What Are Black Parti Schnauzers?
Black and silver parti schnauzers are born with white hair and black spots.  Not all black and silver parti schnauzers will  have the same patterns. The spots will vary (in size & location)  across their body, legs, face.  Just like black and silver schnauzers have bronze markings on their muzzle, eyebrows, inside their ears and under their tail, so do the black and silver parti schnauzers. This means that everywhere you see that “bronze” color on a newborn black and silver parti you know it will go white, just like it does on a black and silver schnauzer. So yes, the black and silver parti schnauzers end up having those bright white eyebrows that everyone loves. 

black silver parti


Below is a photo of an ADULT black and silver parti. As you can see those bronze markings he had as a newborn puppy on his cheeks, eyebrows, inside his ears, and under his tail have all turned to white. Black and silver parti’s have the “white eyebrows” where the other parti colors don’t. You can also see how white his muzzle and cheeks are because all that bronze turns white as adults making their face super flashy. 



Below is an ADULT black and white parti, NOT a black & silver parti. As you can see, they DON’T have the “white eyebrows” 



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