Health Guarantee


Guaranteed to Arrive Healthy! 
  • Guaranteed to ARRIVE Healthy!
  • Guaranteed to arrive with NO Coccidia!
  • Guaranteed to arrive with NO Giardia!
  • Guaranteed to arrive with NO Worms! 
  • Guaranteed to arrive with NO Ear Mites!
  • Guaranteed to arrive with NO Ear Infections!
  • Guaranteed to arrive with NO Skin Infections!
  • Guaranteed against Life-Threatening Genetic Disorders!
  • and more….

We have become famous throughout the United States for our healthy happy toy and teacup schnauzer puppies! Born in our bedroom and raised inside our home down on the ground (NOT in cages) and that WILL show as “proof” in their personality, health and training. Our puppies are happy, well socialized, healthy and comfortable with daily household noises and routine. Also guaranteed against life-threatening genetic disorders.We are so confident in the way we hand-raise each puppy inside the home, down on the ground (not in cages) being treated as part of the family in a fun-loving, clean and healthy environment. Our puppies receive superior one-on-one care and it shows! We have no problem standing by them with one of the best legal health guarantees you can find online! 

We do our part to sell healthy puppies but you need to do your part to keep the puppy healthy! Take the puppy to YOUR vet within the first 48 hours after it’s arrival and if it has any of the common issues listed above, WE will pay for the treatment. We will NOT pay for the actual vet visit or any tests run because that is something you would be doing anyway, plus we have already paid OUR vet to make sure each puppy is in 100% good health before it leaves. We believe it is OUR (the breeders) responsibility to sell healthy puppies then it’s YOUR (the new owners) responsibility to KEEP the puppy healthy throughout it’s life.