Send a Deposit


 Below are the (4) options we accept payment for deposits.


If the puppy is to young to leave then deposits are 1/2 down. The remaining 1/2 is due closer to when the puppy is older and can be shipped or picked up. Most toy size puppies can leave at 9 weeks or older. Our teacup puppies typically can leave anywhere from 10-14 weeks old.  The micro-teacup sometimes can’t leave till closer to 14- 16 weeks.  If you are adopting a puppy on the website that says “ready to go” next to it’s picture then payment in full is required upfront since that puppy can leave anytime. 




1. Bank Transfer

If you choose this option please CALL US BEFORE you go to the bank and let us know what DAY/TIME you will be going to the bank to do the transfer so that we can make sure we stay by the phone. This also allows us to  have all our banking information ready to do the transfer when your banker calls us.



2. Cash Advanced off a Credit Card

Sorry, we are not currently set up to take credit cards, however, a lot of families actually do “cash advances” when paying with their credit card. All you have to do is go to your bank and withdrawal the money from your credit card and then you can either deposit the cash into our account or you can purchase a “Cashier’s Check” and then mail it to us so it’s all very safe and traceable. 



3. Direct Deposit 

You can walk into any Wells Fargo bank and tell them you want to make a deposit into our account and they can do that for you. Please call or email us as soon as you get home from doing this so we can confirm with you the payment. WE PREFER YOU DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH. Please put the money into a “cashier’s check” and have the bank put the name of the puppy your adopting on the check and then deposit the cashiers check into our account. This way just makes everything legally traceable and all parties are protected.  


4. Cashier’s Check OR Money Order

The most popular method of payment for families buying a toy or teacup schnauzer puppy is to just mail the cashier’s check along with the schnauzer puppies paperwork. If you choose this method we will just email you our mailing address. Email us the tracking number as soon as you get back from the post office and we will mark the puppy as “Sold” with your name by it. 


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